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Frizzy hair

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    Static Free Anti-Frizz Maintenance Bundle

    Static Free

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    Smooths kinks and tame fly-aways

    Static Free Frizz Maintenance Program smooths, curls and straightens kinks. No more broken ends or f…

  • Static Free Broadcast Shine Spritz

    Static Free


    Eliminates tangles and provides instant shine with lasting protection due to the addition of a sunsc…

  • Oasis Moisturising Conditioner



    Provides much needed moisture to dry, dehydrated hair types thus reducing the stress placed upon it …

  • Intensive Hair Sheen Enhancement



    Designed to give a natural healthy shine through its unique formulation of ingredients. Hair Sheen i…

  • GirlBoy Hair Candy virgin

    GirlBoy Hair Candy


    'It's too late for me... my hair is more damaged than Britney!' do we hear you say? Not so groover -…

  • Static Free Anti-Frizz Reconstructive Mask

    Static Free


    Provides maximum protection and shine while eliminating frizz and static. Anti-Frizz Reconstructive …

  • Intensive Concentrated Treatment



    Specifically formulated to repair overstressed, damaged hair from the frequent use of heat styling t…

  • Static Free Hi-Fi Revitalising Cream

    Static Free


    Remove unwanted static from all hair types through this moisture and protein enriched leave-in foam.…

  • Static Free VHS Straightening Balm

    Static Free

    Infused with Keratin Protein and a protective UV filter, VHS leaves the hair feeling silky soft, fri…

12 of 21 Items