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  • ColourArt ColourArt Travel Pack



    Includes: 2 x ColourArt Shampoo 60mL 1 x ColourArt Conditioner 60mL 1 x ColourArt Deep Mask 60mL Aus…

  • Colourance Colourance Gift Pack



    Retain your colour's original shine. Do you want to protect your colour from fading? Colourance Shin…

  • Intensive Intensive Gift Pack



    Breathe new life into dry, damaged hair. Is your hair in distress and in need of extra love? Cherish…

  • ColourArt ColourArt Gift Pack


    Lock in your professional colour for brilliant, long-lasting results. Are you looking for the best t…

  • Static Free Anti-Frizz Gift Pack

    Static Free

    Tame frizzy, unruly hair for good Are your tresses misbehaving? Anti-Frizz nourishes even the driest…

  • Silver Screen Silver Screen Gift Pack

    Silver Screen


    Keep your ice blonde brighter longer. Silver Screen Ice Blonde is specially designed to protect and …

  • Anti Lice Maintenance Pack

    Anti Lice


    This pack contains the following products: Pyrethrum Maintenance Shampoo 250mL Pyrethrum Protec…

  • X-Ten Hair Extensions Care Pack



    Designed by hair experts in conjunction with Artav Laboratories, X-Ten’s Complete Care Regimen…

  • Anti Lice Pyrethrum Care Regimen Pack

    Anti Lice


    Natural Look Anti Lice Care Regimen contains a natural derivative from the flower 'Chrysanthemum Cin…

  • Anti Lice Removal Pack

    Anti Lice


    This pack contains the following products: Lice Oil (50mL) Disinfectable Lice Comb  

10 of 10 Items