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Solid Hot Wax Heater Kit

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What It Does

Kit contains: 1 x Azulene Hard Wax (1kg) 1 x Liquid Gold liquid wax (1kg) 1 x Recharge waxing oil (250mL) 1 x Prepare pre-wax treatment (250mL) 1 x Soothe after wax treatment (250mL) 1 x Glisten lavender massage oil (250mL) 1 x Numbing Spray (125mL) 1 x Orange Wax Remover (500mL) 1 x Hair Reduction Body Milk (200mL) 100 x Calico Strips 1 x Bag of Wooden Facial Spatulas (100pcs) 1 x Bag of Wooden Body Spatulas (100pcs) 1 x Precision Tweezers 1 x Ingrown Hair Lotion (125mL) 1 x Metal Spatula (100mm) 1 x Natural Look Head Band Kit items may vary slightly at time of order.

Solid Hot Wax Heater Kit

Solid Hot Wax Heater Kit

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