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Intensive Facial Cream


What It Does

Using natural enzyme action technology to progressively delay natural hair regrowth on sensitive and facial areas - including brow line - after epilation. Formulated with a unique blend of natural Papaya Extract, Sunflower Oil and Aloe Vera, which work in synergy to enhance the process of superfluous hair reduction.

Triple action formula: reduces regrowth of facial hair, prevents ingrown hair and hydrates the skin. Results may appear in 3-6 weeks

Use in conjunction with waxing, shaving, sugaring, tweezing, laser, IPL/VPL or other forms of epilation

Lightly fragranced with natural Rose Oil Vitamin A & Papaya enzyme help to reduce skin pigmentation

Vitamin A & Papaya enzyme help to reduce skin pigmentation

Mineral oil, sulphate and paraben free.

Intensive Facial Cream


Intensive Facial Cream


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