Giving your hair & body the care it deserves since '54

With over 60 years of knowledge and experience in the hair and beauty industry, our products have been formulated using a natural approach.

 Our commitment to sustainability, organic, natural, plant based and certified organic ingredients ensures that your body is getting the purest of ingredients.

Honour Nature, Honour your beauty

Natural Look Skincare

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Good for our planet, good for your body.

We believe that the future of sustainable hair, beauty and skin care begins with the careful selection of pure ingredients.


As a family-operated business, we will ensure that Arturo Taverna's vision is passed on to the generations to come.

That is, to create products that our customers love, which won't harm our environment.





What Our Customers Love

I have been ordering Natural Look products from this site for at least a year now and

will never order anything else. This one leaves my hair like silk and its 100% natural

and vegan which is amazing. My order is always received within

3 business days at the most.


- Natalie C 

About Arturo Taverna

Our Founder

Arturo revolutionised the South Australian hair and beauty industry. He brought international styles to Adelaide for the first time. The 'Arturo Taverna' salon chain once had 30 salons across Adelaide with an equally as significant reputation.

His salons were renowned for their revolutionary products. Customers flocked to their local Arturo Taverna for the latest styling tools, hairpieces, wigs and hair care products.

Arturo travelled the world to bring high fashion beauty trends to Australia. He became a pioneer of the beauty industry, adapting to the hairstyles of the late '60s and early '70s. Natural Look Australia is what it is today thanks to Arturo's undying passion for the hair and beauty industry.

We strive to keep his reputation alive under the Natural Look brand. We uphold his commitment to providing the highest quality products and service to clients and customers.

"You don't build a business. You build people and they build it."