Heal your scalp for greater hair.

Do you suffer from scalp problems? Natural Look Purify Range includes targeted formulations developed to stimulate hair growth, treat and prevent scalp problems including dandruff, hair loss and oiliness.

Purify Hair & Scalp Treatments are formulated using a blend of Tea Tree Oil and Natural Look Australia’s exclusive herbal complex of Active Botanical Extracts (Extracts of Alfalfa, Red Clover, Arnica, Gentian Root, Juniper Fruit, Lemon Balm, Pine). Purify’s blend of Active Botanical Extracts gently cleanse the hair and scalp to eliminate flaking, itching and oiliness. Purify restores the natural pH balance of the hair and scalp, reducing premature hair loss whilst promoting hair growth.

The Purify Treatments Range


Anti-Hair Loss

Sebum Balancing

Why you need it

Purify products are made with the finest natural, organic plant-based ingredients. Some of these include pro-vitamins, quality herbal extracts and essential oils. We do not include Parabens, Petroleum based products and ingredients that may harm or deplete the planet's natural environment.

All of our Purify products are tried, tested and developed by a team of beauty therapists and chemists. Not only are they a sheer pleasure to use, but they’re sure to give results that delight.

There's something for every hair type

Purify is part of the Natural Look Hair Food range, a complete hair care range formulated with natural ingredients to deliver superb results whilst cleansing, conditioning, protecting and styling any hair type, in the salon or at home.

Developed by demand, from the needs of the professional hairdresser, for optimum client satisfaction, performance and value in the salon and at home. Natural Look Hair Food combines three key, natural ingredients: Active Botanical Extracts, Wheat Amino Acids and Keratin Protein, well-known to hydrate, nourish and strengthen the hair day after day. Each formula is carefully developed to meet and adapt to the needs of each hair type. With Natural Look Hair Food, beautiful and healthy hair is easy!


We believe that all life is precious, which is why we are against any form of animal testing. All of our products are certified cruelty-free!

We take great pride in ensuring that all of our manufacturing practices are environmentally responsible. Our mission is to deliver the purest product that is good for both the environment and for you

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