About Natural Look

Natural Look has a proud history of being a South Australian owned and operated company. Inspired by over 60 years of industry experience, Our hair care and beauty treatments are the highest-quality for hair and beauty professionals to use with confidence.


At Natural Look Australia, we are committed to developing ranges with naturally derived bases. We deliver quality hair care products and beauty solutions, paired with the best service and support for our clients. Part of this vision is a global network of distributors based over 20 countries.

As Artav Australia’s most influential brand, Natural Look represents the best of our mission. To deliver the purest, highest-quality standard products possible. They are environmentally safe and cruelty-free. Natural look products are priced competitively across the globe.

Natural Look products are stocked in stores and salons Australia-wide. Can't wait for shipping? Check out your local stockists here!

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Why you need it

Natural Look products are made with natural, organic plant-based ingredients. We do not include Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). They are formulated using only the finest ingredients. Some of these include pro-vitamins, quality herbal extracts and essential oils.

All of our Natural Look products are tried, tested and developed by a team of hairdressers, beauty therapists and chemists. Not only are they a sheer pleasure to use, but they’re sure to give results that delight.


We believe that all life is precious, which is why we are against any form of animal testing. All of our products are certified cruelty-free!

We take great pride in ensuring that all of our manufacturing practices are environmentally responsible. Our mission is to deliver the purest product that is good for both the environment and for you