Behind the Brand

Established as a humble salon in 1954 in South Australia, Natural Look Australia has grown into a global hair and beauty manufacturer. As a hairdresser and beauty specialist, Natural Look Australia founder Arturo Taverna grew his business to become what it is today. Natural Look is today one of the largest manufacturers of professional hair care and beauty products in Australia.

Arturo revolutionised the South Australian hair and beauty industry. He brought international styles to Adelaide for the first time. The 'Arturo Taverna' salon chain once had 30 salons across Adelaide with an equally as significant reputation.

His salons were renowned for their revolutionary products. Customers flocked to their local Arturo Taverna for the latest styling tools, hairpieces, wigs and hair care products.

Arturo travelled the world to bring high fashion beauty trends to Australia. He became a pioneer of the beauty industry, adapting to the hairstyles of the late '60s and early '70s. Natural Look Australia is what it is today thanks to Arturo's undying passion for the hair and beauty industry.

We strive to keep his reputation alive under the Natural Look Australia brand. We uphold his commitment to providing the highest quality products and service to clients and customers.

"You don't build a business. You build people and they build it."

Arturo's first salon employed 40 people and became a place where every hairdresser in Adelaide wanted to work and train. He had to open his salon doors at 5 am and close in the late evening due to overwhelming popularity. Over 65 years on, with the help of his family and a team of highly trained staff, Natural Look Australia was born.

We now manufacture and supply six high-quality, Australian made hair and beauty brands. Today, these brands carry over 1,000 products combined.

Arturo’s four children, Andrew, Sonia, Jeannette and Anthony, are all involved in Natural Look’s activities. They use their expertise to oversee the day to day operations of the business and its products. Every product is made to continue the Taverna family legacy. Collaboratively, Natural Look's team provides salon owners and customers the highest quality products.

Natural Look's Brands

The inspiration behind Natural Look's Brands comes from Arturo's perceived lack of perfection in the products he used in his salons. The vision is to create products that are unmatched by others at affordable prices. We achieve this with our mix of industry knowledge and a long history of professional experience.

Six decades of hair and beauty experience goes into every product, with of course love. Our products are renowned for being innovative and providing extraordinary results.

Are you a hairdresser in the market to stock a new product line? Are you searching for products that deliver as promised, every time? Look no further than Natural Look, LuminArt & GirlBoy Hair Candy.

If you need safe sanitation products for your tools and surfaces, trust our Dispel range to do the job. If your salon needs high-quality piercing that your clients will love, Caflon is the brand of choice.

Have faith in the knowledge that your products are coming from a family-owned and trusted source.

Natural Look's products are developed and tested by experts. Our internal and associated team consists of:



Beauty therapists


We manufacture our range on Australian soil as sustainably as possible. We take pride in ensuring all products are cruelty-free. Our process is entirely managed in-house.

From initial consultation and formulation to packaging and design. We allow all salons to have access to high-quality, environmentally friendly, affordable products.

Our Vision And Mission

Natural Look Australia is committed to reducing our effect on the environment. We are cautious of any impact we have on the environment and continuously work to minimise it.

We are members of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). Through this, we collaborate with Government and industry organisations about sustainable initiatives for our industry.

We take great pride in contributing to more sustainable practices and recovery of packaging. We are actively working on environmentally friendly designs and reducing our carbon footprint

Natural Look Australia’s ingredients include:




*Certified organic

*Sustainably farmed and sourced

We believe that the future of sustainable hair care begins with the careful selection of pure ingredients. As a family-operated business, we will ensure that Arturo Taverna's vision is passed on to the generations to come. Our goal is to create products that our customers love, which won't harm our environment.