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About LuminArt

Over 65 years of hair and beauty industry knowledge and experience have come together to bring you LuminArt Professional Colour Cream. Achieve rich, long-lasting, dependable colours with our ecologically designed range.

Introducing the True Colours Collection

Inspired by the unique & diverse palette of Australia's natural landscapes; combining soft and hard textures, bold hair colours and empowering shades. Brilliant colours developed with a passion for a purpose. Discover the full collection here.

Our Range

The extensive palette of LuminArt hair colour products spans 150 colours. 102 being traditionally formulated and 48 are ecologically formulated colours.


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Why you need it

This provides maximum colour pigment absorption by the hair without altering its structure. These micro-pigments sink deeper into the hair’s cortex, resulting in flawless coverage and vibrant intensity. This technology, combined with our specially selected natural Australian plant extract, will give you luxurious results every time.

​More than hair colour

Not only does LuminArt manufacture and supply an extensive palette of colours; we also facilitate industry training.

Our training sessions include:

  • Colour fundamentals
  • Colour corrections
  • Styling sessions
  • Trend specific training

We aim to educate hairdressers and stylists to become the best they can be.

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