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There are lands where sustainability has been a sensitive matter for longer; countries where companies have embraced their responsibilities since environmentalism first became an issue. Australians have been inspirational in their sincere concern for nature and for the protection of their wonderful, yet extremely fragile eco-system. Manufacturers are on the front line and make arduous efforts to achieve tangible results.

A good example is Natural Look Australia, which is strongly committed to reducing its impact on the environment. To achieve this goal, they are cautious of any effect their work may have on the environment and continuously work to minimise this. Their manufacturing is done within Australia and they take pride in ensuring all production is as sustainable as possible.

Their ingredients are ethically derived and sustainably sourced. On top of that, Natural Look Australia is against any form of animal testing and the use of animal derived ingredients, so products are also totally cruelty-free.

As members of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), Natural Look Australia collaborate with Government and Industry Organisations concerning sustainable initiatives for the industry, including sustainable design and recycling initiatives, waste to landfill reduction activities and circular economy projects. Contributing to more sustainable practices and recovery of packaging is a commitment they take great pride in, while also actively working on environmentally conscious designs and reducing their carbon footprint.

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