Intertwined in Bombshell Blondes

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Inspired by the Golden Age of films and the Silver Screen, ARTAV launches a new campaign that evokes the old Hollywood glamour.

Blonde, among all colours, is the one that we perceive as timeless, multi-faceted and forever evolving. The color dyes range never stops evolving and finds unexpected suggestions. An attempt to match Marilyn Monroe-like blondes, unattainable, magic and inspiring, just like any legend should be.

Natural Look Silver Screen boasts new updates to stay ahead of the blonde search for perfection. A new campaign will kick off in early 2020, together with a restyling of the packaging for their Shampoo and Conditioner.

Ice Blonde Shampoo will be available in a 375ml bottle and the Ice Blonde Conditioner will be available in a 300ml new efficient conditioner tube.

This impressive range is enhanced with blue and violet pigments that neutralise and counteract yellow and brassy tones, brightening blonde hair and adding tone to grey and white hair.

Formulated using high-quality ingredients, the range is enriched with Wheat Amino Acids. And the focus is also on healthy hair and environmental protection, therefore no parabens, no petroleum-based products and no ingredients that may harm or deplete the planet’s natural environment.

Moreover, these products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and, importantly, proudly Australian made.

The products contain strong pigments, requiring just a small amount of product for visible and instant results from the first application… replenishing moisture into the hair and providing a protective barrier against environmental and thermal damage.

Revisiting the era of the silver screen, when blondes were more fun, Natural Look wants to ensure that each client can achieve and maintain healthy, vibrant, strong blondes to live their best blonde life, now and always.

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