Anti-Hair Loss Concentrated Treatment

Anti-Hair Loss Concentrated Treatment

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Anti-Hair Loss Concentrated Treatment

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Size 12x10mL vials

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What It Does

Our exclusive hair growth complex combines Tea Tree Oil and a blend of Active Botanical extracts including powerful regenerating Arnica Montana, and Capsicum Fruit Extract to fight hair loss from the very first application. Treat hair loss with visible results in just 8 weeks*.

- Prevents the weakening of the hair shaft

- Stimulates the hair bulb action

- Protects the scalp

*Important* Please note it is completely normal for the skin and scalp to experience redness upon application of the Vials. This is due to the formulas ability to increase blood circulation and will normally subside within a few minutes. If the product drips onto other parts of the body, skin redness may occur for a short period. Avoid letting it drip down your face.

*Dermatologically tested by the University of Pavia on male and female volunteers aged between 24 and 65 years.

What to Expect

Natural Look products are made with natural, organic plant-based ingredients. We do not include Parabens. They are formulated using only the finest ingredients. Some of these include pro-vitamins, quality herbal extracts and essential oils.

Parabens & Petrochemicals Free -Active Botanical Extracts - Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - Australian Made