Savy, inspirational looks inspired by the unique diverse palette of Australia's natural landscapes

The LuminArt True Colours Collection is a multidimensional collection, combining soft and textured finishes, bold colours and empowering shades to represent the best of LuminArt: consciously and responsibly formulated, genuine, authentic hair colours.

Enriched with the finest ingredients and Australian extracts; bringing the colours of Australia's vast palette to life. LuminArt's Permanent Colour Cream is formulated using unique Micro Pigment Technology. Providing maximum colour pigment absorption in hair without altering its structure. The micro-pigments sink deeper into the hair's cortex, resulting in flawless coverage and vibrant intensity. This technology, combined with specially selected natural Australian plant extracts, providing lush results each time.

Galaxy Balayage

A cosmic interpretation of our celestial Australian night sky. The face framing colour melt of Blueberry and Plum reflects a desire to explore and be fearless, to ignore the ordinary and go beyond!

Pearl Blonde

A tonal shift from the traditional Platinum Blonde. This luminous, dimensional shade is as sophisticated as it is striking. Subtle hues of lavender and peach, blended with a super light blonde, throw a shiny metallic reflect that catches the light, just like a real pearl.

Australian Sunset

As the name suggests, this bright layered magenta colour inspiration was taken from our beautiful Australian Sunsets. Embracing vivid hues and lustrous colours from the magical natural expressions that surround us.

Apricot Sorbet

The brush painted veil of juicy orange hues combined with natural Apricot Blonde is all about the emergence of warmer tones and a low maintenance colour, delivering an ethereal reflective finish that shimmers and shines.