Depilatory Waxing

Azulene Pearl Hot Wax

Depilatory Waxing Azulene Pearl Hot Wax

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Azulene Pearl Hot Wax

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What It Does

Gentle Face & Body Wax

Enriched with Chamomile and Zinc Oxide

This exclusive cobalt blue, hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory formula is enriched with the essential oil of Chamomile and Micronised Zinc Oxide.

Formulated to melt at a lower temperature to allow for thin and economical applications. Azulene Pearl contains Titanium Dioxide, giving a creamier texture, making it easier to spread.

  • Organic formula.
  • Super thin application.
  • Gentle face and body wax.
  • Anti-inflamatory.
  • Fragrance free.