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Curly Boost Gift Pack

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Pack Contents

Curly Boost Hydrating Shampoo 375ml

Especially Formulated To Gently Cleanse All Wavy, Curly And Coily Hair Types. Enriched With Hyaluronic Acid For Deep Hydration, Leaving The Hair With A Frizz-free, Weightless Bounce. Quinoa Protein Strengthens And Protects Hair From Environmental Stress While Restoring Sheen And Helping To Prevent Colour Fade, Providing Lasting Curly Style Support. Desert Lime Fortifies The Hair And Scalp With Antioxidants To Promote Elasticity And Shine.

Also available in 1L

Curly Boost Hydrating Conditioner 300ml

Curly Boost Hydrating Conditioner instantly softens and detangles wavy, curly, coily hair while restoring moisture, and shine without weighing curls down. Hyaluronic acid intensely moisturizes and leaves hair with a frizz-free weightless bounce, providing lasting curly style support. Quinoa protein strengthens and protects hair from environmental stress, restoring sheen and helping to prevent color fade. Desert lime fortifies the hair and scalp with antioxidants to promote elasticity and shine.

Also available in 60mL Et 1L

Curly Boost Hyaluronic Curl Activator 250ml

Formulated to soften and define curls, eliminating frizz, and providing frictionless control. Designed for bouncy, controlled curls, and voluminous styles without stickiness or crunch. Enriched with hyaluronic acid to deep moisturize and leave curly hair with a weightless bounce. Quinoa protein will strengthen and protect hair from environmental stress and humidity, while helping to prevent color fade. Australian native desert lime fortifies the hair and scalp with antioxidants to promote elasticity and shine.