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Hand & Nail Salon Opening Deal.

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3 x Hand & Nail Treatment Cream 100mL
3 x Cuticle Therapy Cream 50g
3 x Softening Soak 300mL
3 x Exfoliating Gel 200mL
3 x Moisture Mask 200g
3 x Eraser Cuticle & Stain Remover 15mL
3 x Nourish Cuticle Oil 15mL
3 x Nail Polish Dry 150g
3 x Nail Hardener 15mL
3 x Nail Polish Remover non acetone 125mL
3 x Nail Lacquer Remover Acetone 125mL
1 x Hand & Nail Treatment Cream 500mL
1 x Hand & Body Exfoliating Gel 600g
1 x Nail Wipes Lint Free 325/box
3 x Nail Clippers
1 x Nourishing Cuticle & Nail Oil 15mL
1 x Eraser Cuticle Stain Remover 15mL
1 x Exfoliating Gel 200mL
1 x Moisture Mask 200g
1 x Treatment Cream 100mL
1 x Black Emery Board
1 x Imperial Gold Emery Board
1 x Sanding Block - Medium/Fine
1 x Dispenser Bottle Clear 250mL
1 x Dispenser Bottle White 250mL
3 x Black Emery Boards
3 x Gold Emery Boards
3 x Blue Emery Boards
1 x Orange Wood Cuticle Sticks 100pk
4 x Sanding Blocks
1 x Hand & Nail Poster
25 x Hand & Nail Brochure