Silver Screen

Ice Blonde Smooth Ends

Silver Screen Ice Blonde Smooth Ends

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Ice Blonde Smooth Ends

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What It Does

An anti-frizz, light cream polish with Blue/Violet pigments to neutralise unwanted yellow, gold & brassy tones in blonde, bleached or grey hair. A cosmetic grade cuticle sealer that will strengthen the cuticle while providing thermal & UV protection to the mid-lengths and ends of straight or curly hair. Contains Argan Oil to help prevent hair breakage, colour fade and split ends while adding moisture and a fabulous shine. Leave-in.

What to Expect

Natural Look products are made with natural, organic plant-based ingredients. We do not include Parabens. They are formulated using only the finest ingredients. Some of these include pro-vitamins, quality herbal extracts and essential oils.

Parabens & Petrochemicals Free -Active Botanical Extracts - Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - Australian Made