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The latest must-have for hair salons.

LuminArt has unveiled the all-new extra strength Lightening Cream, which offers clean, crisp blonde results with no odorous ingredients in an innovative, protective and hydrating formula. The product is infused with Moisturising Oils and Plant Derived Protein, creating nourishment, elasticity and softness to the hair, while lighting up to eight levels with health and condition always front of mind.

Beyond its consideration for both hair health and colour, the product is easy to use, with wide opening for convenient dispensing. Extending the brand’s famous Cool Collection of professional colour creams, the lightener is ideal for subtle highlights, ash tones or balayage, with every colour permutation in between. The innovation is proudly cruelty free and vegan friendly.

The iconic Cool Collection was built to facilitate Cool Bases, offered with maximum coverage, rich tones and covetable blondes that range from intense to soft. The range covers Ash Naturals to Intense Ash Bases and shades such as Cool Arctic Blonde and Island Violet Blonde. This extensive range can blend men’s tones, neutralise warmth, achieve maximum lift and allow hairdressers to be fully creative along the colour spectrum, while catering to diverse client needs.

The collection offers fifteen new and versatile shades, adding to the LuminArt extensive palette of 102 traditional and 48 ammonia free, ecologically formulated, long-lasting age-resistant colours. These hues are built for maximum grey coverage, and the creation of vibrancy and shine.

This proud Aussie brand integrates our national extracts to showcase an Australian approach to artistic and salon hair. The brand’s hero Micro Pigment Technology (MPT) allows for maximum colour pigment absorption by the hair without altering its structure, allowing the pigments to sink deeper into the hair’s cortex. In this way the intelligent formulas create top-tier coverage and intensity.

With LuminArt, hairdressers can truly experiment with colour, knowing the technology in their hands will support and elevate their greatest creative ambitions. The LuminArt Super Lift Lightening Cream is another avenue to artistry, with covetable blondes the destination and result. Start creating! For more information visit

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