Businesses Answer the Call to Adapt and Diversify Post-Pandemic

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Looking beyond the constraints of life during the pandemic, Natural Look Australia is ready to stimulate the market with new proposals committed to respecting the purest and highest standards in environmental safety and respect for animal welfare.

Estetica Export has asked some questions to Andrew Taverna, one of Natural Look Australia’s Directors.

What’s the Covid situation currently like in Australia?
“Although we are not nearly as bad as other countries, I guess there is some “control”, but recent events in our own home city of Adelaide have shown that the risk is still very real, and very serious. After almost 3 months of no cases, within days of new infections being reported, we found ourselves back into lockdown.

Do you think the economy will recover quickly or will the crisis bring long-term problems?
“Definitely long term problems. Like all around the world, the costs to manage will be those who have lost jobs and businesses due to lockdowns, but also to manage the disruption and problems caused for all other businesses who remain open, or partially open, which will be huge. You can read statistics that compare the cost to those of the world wars in the last century. So, history already shows us that will we have to be in recovery mode for the long run. It seems this is a permanent change, so business must adapt and change now to make it through and keep moving and progressing.”

And your business… how much is it affected by the crisis?
“Like any business, it’s greatly affected. But luckily enough we were able to remain mostly open during lockdown periods, being a manufacturing business, which included the manufacture of essential items. The effects are broad though, from costs of adapting to change very quickly to increased costs from all areas in supply and daily running, material shortages, changes in product sales, and human resource changes.” We have a long history, with a strong background and knowledge base, and we are a very determined company, with diversity in its product ranges and in its manufacturing and marketing abilities. Add to this a strong and experienced team and this all forms a strong foundation for us to make the changes and adapt quickly. Obviously, none of us know what is to come from now on – we have all learnt to expect the unexpected, but we feel we are ready to face the challenge, and keep moving forward as a brand and company”.

Brand and Product Development
Natural Look Australia's commitment to the market never sleeps. They are currently working on the rebranding of the Styling range, with a strong unisex approach, multicultural and dynamic spirit. A completely different look, improved formulas and respect for the environment.
In 2021 they plan to launch Luminart Professional Colour Creams and the Colourart range Campaigns, to promote the diverse and amazing Australian colour palette and the new look for the Colourart packaging, which follows a clean, sleek style and celebrates simplicity.
They are also working for the promotion of Hair Food range, natural ingredients based products, developed from the demands and needs of professional hairdressers. Hair Food has grown over the years to become Natural Look’s biggest hair care range.

NEW PRODUCTS: Luminart: a new Lightening Cream 250g, SUPER LIFT | UP TO 8 LEVELS Colourance Colour Refreshers; new colours and improved formulas.

Natural Look Australia: a History of Excellence
Started in the early 1960s by Arturo Taverna with a salon in the city of Adelaide – then developing into a group of 30 salons throughout South Australia – Artav Australia is now firmly established as a respected manufacturer and supplier of professional hair care and beauty products developed to a consistently high standard, following a natural approach and a strong sustainability commitment.

Natural Look Australia offers a complete hair care range that delivers superb results when cleansing, conditioning, protecting and styling – all specially formulated to meet the demanding needs of professional hairdressers, salon clients and consumers alike. Alongside its haircare range, Artav Australia produces a comprehensive range of beauty products including professional & self-tanning, natural skin care, organic depilatory waxes, pre & post hair removal, pedicure, manicure and paraffin treatments as well as massage oils.

Natural Look Australia is Artav Australia’s most influential brand and represents the best of the company’s mission: to deliver the purest, high-quality standard products, to be environmentally safe and cruelty-free, at competitive prices, globally.

Artav Australia created hair care and beauty products along with the best service and support for salons, clients and businesses, which are distributed in over 20 countries.

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