Arturo Taverna - A Tribute to a Hairdressing Legend

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This tribute was kindly written by our friends at Hair & Beauty Co-op. View the original here.

Just shy of celebrating his 70th year in hairdressing, Arturo Taverna sadly passed away. He dedicated the best part of his 85-year life to the craft. Always dapper, he was known for exuding timeless style (bow tie, vest, and suited up) ‘made to feel like you’re family’ gentleness… and his long list of accolades.

Arturo was the longest serving chairman of the Hair Beauty Co-op from 1965 to 1991. He built 40 successful hair salons…Became a globally recognised hair and beauty manufacturer, with thousands of products across his six well-loved brands including Natural Look and Luminart…And, responded to the local shortage of hand sanitiser and hospital grade disinfectant with his product line, Dispel.

Arturo was always on the cusp of his next vision. And a step ahead of everyone else. Just six months ago, he’d leave home at 3.30am to make sure he was there to greet his people at t with that inviting smell of fresh morning coffee.

Our industry is collectively eulogising along with our wider South Australian community, mourning a great artist, teacher, innovator, and family man.

His wise words will always be remembered:
“You don’t build a business. You build people, and they build it. Treat the business you’re working for as if it’s your own. Continue to educate yourself, no matter what level you’re at. Be a lifelong learner. Education is the most important part of being a hairdresser today, as our industry is constantly evolving.”

While we lost one of the industry greats, Arturo will be forever remembered… kept alive in his six brands, the many loyal employees, and closest to Arturo’s heart, the ever-growing three-generations of his Taverna clan.

We can all agree, Arturo’s was a life impressively lived. 

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